I am a dancer, a lover of music and slam poetry. But I also like Asian boy bands (such as boyfriend) and dramas. I'm a nerd for video games and pokemon puzzle challenge. My greatest inspirations are Janelle Monae and Saul Williams. Other people that inspire me are The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Chachi, Ryan Conferido. I like martial arts movies and random fighting movies (such as chocolate). This tumblr is not specifically centered on anything. Honestly, I'm just a nerd who can kind of dance.

My piano playing/dancing/hair-doing husband. Forever more.

My smooth husband, never walking but always gliding by my side.

My goofy husband that always makes me smile and will always be by my side to make me feel better and listen to me. And breakdance for me. all. the. time.


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